A girl who didn’t believe…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn’t believe in magic. She went about her day in the most boring and average way possible. Going to school in the morning. Playing games during the day. Constantly plagued by dreamless nights.

On one average afternoon, her mother walks in bearing two precious gifts.

One was a world filled with adventures, balls and riches. A life that was robbed of her. A life, where now she is forced to endure an evil headmistress and a snobby brat. One where now she is forced to live in the cold and hunger. Not the life her late father had hoped for her. But wait.. where are all these beautiful gifts and mountains of delicious food coming from. Who is turning her rusting attic into a wonderful palace reminding her of her old life in India?

The other was a world where her parents never wanted her. So she was hurt, aggressive and spoiled. But then she lost them, the only two people she ever really knew. So now she had to live with her odd uncle, whom she’s never even heard of! Just great. But then she heard from Martha something about a secret garden… Hmmm, she wondered where the key is hidden?

Any average person would’ve looked at those gifts and rendered them useless in a second. But not this girl. No, those two small little gifts were the biggest and most priceless possessions she’s ever known. She knew that within those pages were worlds she dared to enter. Worlds that sparked her heart and ignited the thoughts of her mind. Worlds that made her believe in magic.

After all, didn’t I tell you my mother was bearing gifts that were precious.


Final Rating:


I get goosebumps every time I reminisce over my early beginnings ❤


What did you think of this post, what was your first book? Would you recommend it to me? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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