Chronus Carlyle | Lost Alice

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Heres the breakdown:

  • Franchise/App: Shall we date?
  • Story: Lost Alice
  • Route: Chronus Carlyle

For those of you who don’t know, Shall We Date?  is a dating sim game by NTT Solmare where you play through reading different worlds and making decisions as the main protagonist which influences your ending. For this post I will be reviewing the storyline of Chronus Carlyle from the world of Lost Alice. This game is based on Alice in Wonderland and features a range of characters that you can read and enjoy! A little background on Chronus, he is the Timekeeper of Wonderland. The blonde hottie with gorgeous blue/green eyes that just pop. Seriously, his eyes are the most beautiful. Going back to my point, as the Timekeeper it’s his job to provide ‘time’ for the residents of Wonderland. Since, it’s a must that every resident in the story has a key role or position to play.

Now, on to my review. SPOILERS AHEAD.

LOVE him. I’ve read most of the characters presented in the game and his, without question was my favorite. I also must admit that I was not looking forward to reading his route since he didn’t seem that exciting to me. But boooy was I wrong. We first meet this quiet, expressionless and brooding stranger in our living room. Where we find him oddly dressed in mechanical gear and standing next to our unconscious friend, Isaac.IMG_9050.PNG Upon further inspection, it is revealed that he is in fact stealing Isaac’s time. Resulting, in Isaac staying in a coma for ten years. This leads us to believe that he is our enemy. As the story progresses, actions such as Chronus stealing time from innocent people, kidnapping and locking us up in a tower only further fuels his villainous image. But soon enough we learn that he is forced into committing such crimes for the sake of the residents of wonderland. Since without his help, everyone will die. As we continue to interact with him, we slowly notice his personality changing. Our Timekeeper learns to open up to us and starts to share the little details that make up his mind. He treats us kindly by offering his own bedroom to sleep, buying us food and clothes and attacking the troublemakers at the bar for bothering us.

Chronus takes us on a journey of patience and understanding. Where we learn that not everyone is how we first presume them to be. Furthermore, we apprehend the true meaning of sacrifice and what it entails to not only the people who are affected by the curse but to the person who inflicts it as well.

tumblr_oqs957pob51vmgocno7_1280.pngComparing Chronus’s storyline with the other characters, his progression possesses the easiest and most seamless flow of events. Strengthened by the limited interaction with other characters we are given the best front row seat to his story. Likewise, his oblivious nature to how he feels and how he should interact with others adds to his charm. This can be seen in the story when we are debating sleeping arrangements and he naively suggests to share the same bed. All innocent I assure you (or is it?)

Chronus also has the deepest personality among the other characters. This is noted at the beginning, when we find out that he is unbothered by being cursed. To further explain, due to his actions against the innocent people he steals time from, their souls have inflicted a curse upon him. The affects of this curse entail that he will never sleep or eat and will always be plagued with guilt. Chronus explains that his inability to experience normal things such as dreaming or hunger is only a fair punishment that he must endure in order to atone for his sins. Thus, he has never tried to find a way to break it. Towards the end, Chronus reaches a breakthrough where he realizes that it is not acceptable to merely shoulder his sins without a fight, but instead must strive to find a way that saves everyone.

Additionally, Chronus is revealed to be quite the jealous type. Who isn’t afraid to speak his mind regarding this matter. We see this when Chronus asks us to make breakfast for him to eat, since he enjoys the act of eatingtumblr_oqs957pob51vmgocno4_500.png something made from someone he cares about and not the ‘act of eating’ itself. However, as we are having breakfast, other people on the table end up joining us. This causes Chronus to confess his disappointment saying,” thats for everyone to share. Not just for me?” Chronus says it without being aware that he has revealed his softening feelings towards us in front of everyone.



There are several endings that you can get depending on the choices that you made throughout the story. In this post I will be reviewing the ‘Destined Love Ending’ which is the best of three in the game. Set only four days after the last chapter, the ending to our timekeeper, Chronus, was good, not great, just good. Compared to the overall story, it just did not do it justice. We obviously get our Happily Ever After and we enjoy some private time with Chronus. Where now as our boyfriend, he showers us with love and confesses his feelings through statements such as, “…I love leaving my marks on you. They remind me of the time I spend loving you.” We also find out that as a true couple, we have continued to live together and constantly rotate between residing in Wonderland and The Real World (which is where we are originally from). However, the better part of the ending was dedicated to tying up lose ends and discussing the fate of another character.

To conclude Chronus brings us:

  • Exciting plot twists
  • Butterflies
  • A new spin on Wonderland
  • Plenty of Kiss scenes
  • Cute Jealous fits


  • A major disappointment was not getting the full backstory of Chronus and how he was brought to wonderland
  • Not enough Chronus in the ending

Rating: ★★★★★

Chronus’s Advice: “There’s more than what meets the eye.”

Bonus for reading:


Final Rating:


Who else wants to ditch everything and cuddle up next to him..


What did you think of this route, have you played anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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