Cinder | Marissa Meyer


  • Book: Cinder
  • Series: The lunar Chronicles
  • Author: Marissa Meyer

Cinder is the subject of my post. It is the first volume of the Lunar Chronicles. The main character is Linh Cinder, who was inspired by the story Cinderella. The plot takes place in New Beijing, the Eastern Commonwealth. A new post-war world where the humans live in fear of the alien folk, Lunars. The humans are plagued by an incurable disease. Cinder is being mistreated by most people due to her condition. The Emperor Rikan falls ill to the plague and now his son, Prince Kai must take his place.

This post is being written and updated as I read and further explore the book. My opinion may or may not change as I go along. Let’s see if this story was convincing enough.

Chapter 1-15

I don’t understand the hype over this book. No offense to it’s diehard fans or the author. I appreciate your enthusiasm and encourage you’re love for it. Nevertheless, this post or ‘review’ expresses my personal opinion of the book which may or may not resonate well with some of you. Let’s get started.

I didn’t like it. Wait. Just to be clear, I spent the better part of two years looking for this book. For some reason my local bookstores didn’t have it and ordering online was not an option. So after finally getting my hands on a copy of my personal white whale, I was over the moon! Naturally, I couldn’t wait to start devouring it page by page. However, I was sorely disappointed. It’s a very hard read. For me, it was a painful beginning that took me ages to get through. I couldn’t get past the first 10 chapters, it took me a month. Sadly, I’m not even exaggerating. I feel like she used the name ‘Cinder’ to attract audiences who are fans of Disney’s Cinderella even though the story largely does not relate to her at all. Apart from the obvious step-mother situation, existence of a prince and the protagonists sad life there’s nothing much.


The ‘fresh twist’ that everyone talks about is the fact that Cinder is a half cyborg and she is more mechanically inclined. In other words, the girl ain’t dumb. Which I salute. But the progression of the story is very slow and is ‘too much’. It feels like every page is a mouthful. The world she created is very complex and very sci-fy.

So prejudice aside, If I have to review this book then I feel I must give it justice and remove a few elements that are misleading.

  • The Cinderella part

Really that’s it. The promotion itself just ruined the book, so now looking at it as if it wasn’t meant to be a retake on the Disney story, with fresh eyes I will review the book. Again.

Chapter 16 -30

It’s ok. To be honest the plot is very predictable, we all know that she’s the lost princess and she is the cure. So there’s no room for surprise. This is honestly the hardest book I’ve ever had to force myself to read. Usually I gobble them up and by midday I’m done with it. But no, not for this one. Is there something I’m missing?

Her stepmother, Linh Adri is ruthless to the point of making me want to call the cops on her and remove precious Cinder and Iko (her robot friend) away from her. Adri forces Cinder to cook, clean and work everyday in the shop fixing robots and ports. From the money that Cinder earns, Adri uses it to buy unnecessary gowns for her daughters Peony and Pearl. As the story progresses, Cinder meets Prince Kai on several occasions and falls for his charms. Honestly, can I even blame her?  Oh and just to put it out there, Queen Levana, The Lunar Queen, sucks. She is an absolute bitch.

Chapter 31-38

…Or so I thought. To be honest, I stand by everything I said so far but the ending made it for me. I was expecting that after Prince or ehm excuse me, Emperor Kai finds out that she is a half cyborg and lunar and the lost Princess Selene everything will work out. She saves the day, they get married, bla bla bla and cue the Happily Ever aAfter. But no.. there’s another book? She doesn’t wrap anything up in this one? Emperor Kai doesn’t know??! No one is saved? Why? I want saved.


Linh Cinder & Emperor Kai Fanart by Lostie 815

Final Rating:


Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover, it might be worse..


What did you think of this book, have you read anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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9 thoughts on “Cinder | Marissa Meyer”

  1. Oh noes, I cant imagine your disappointment after waiting for 2 years for a book and then not liking it. I liked this book and was like “wooohoo” but I think it is because I wasn’t expecting something entirely new, just a version of Cinderella that would suit more my tastes (I’m not a fan of old DIsney movies with all their outdated role stereotypes). I hope you have found better fairy tale retellings 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea…I was really upset about it!! I’m not really a fan of machines or sci-fi stuff so it wasn’t my thing at all. But I’m glad that you loved it! I’m still looking for some, any recommendations?


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