How To Get Rid Of Your Reading Slump. From An Expert.

Full Transparency: My Reading Slump lasted for two whole years! Two. And I finally got rid of it! ^^

Shocking! I know. As a full fledged book owl I could not wrap my head around this at all! Throughout that time, I’ve tried everything possible but nothing seemed to work for me. Eventually, after I found out the reason why I could no longer follow a single string of words, it made sense. I was depressed. And not in the, I’m upset for a day or a week and then I’m over it kind of way. But more of the deep, sad for months, clinical kind of depressed. My mind was soo upset, stressed and over worked that I could literally no longer read words. It was painful and trying only resulted in severe headaches and sadly more depression for not being able to do the thing I love most.

Which is why I set out to try and help you out! So take this advice, if you will, from someone who has suffered for a long time and managed to successfully break through!

My process is very simple and only involves two steps:

  1. Before You Read A Book:
    • Get Plenty of Sleep and Rest, for days!
    • Don’t read for a while, by choice. Just rest and avoid thinking about it.
    • Give your eyes a break, limit the use if electronics or eye straining tasks if possible.
    • Go through different bookstagram accounts, while looking at the beautiful book community you start to get inspired and motivated to pick up a book. [Why not try: @bookishowlette]
    • Separate the TBR pile from the Read pile in your bookshelf for encouragement and to get a strong sense of how Great your accomplishment is for reading all those awesome books!
    • Know that you’re definitely not the only one, talk about it with your friends or internet peers. I’m right here if you need me!
    • Like I mentioned before, a reading slump could be a symptom of depression or stress. So take care of yourself first.
  2. After Step 1:
    • Start with a light book, something short and sweet.
    • Comedy always works! Laughter is a sure way of easing your mind.
    • Try something new, to draw your interest. Maybe get a books ubscription, I’ve reviewed some here to get you started.
    • Don’t push it. You might read a paragraph a week, and that’s more than enough. You’re mind needs time to heal. Reading that much is amazing. So don’t stress and push yourself, it will only have the opposite affect.
    • Do what works best for you. I’ve found that some of the advice that I got was very good but not very helpful. An example is, “Just open and read” That did not work with me at all. I needed more time to get over it first and heal before I can read normally again.

AND, thats it!

The whole goal of this process is to take care of your health and wellbeing to completely overcome the annoying plight known as the Reading Slump.

Final Rating:


Want more advice, looking for new and fun interesting things to read.


What did you think of this post, did you try it yet? Or do you have any other methods for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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