The One | Kiera Cass

“Break my heart.                                                                                                                       Break it a thousand times if you like.                                                                                           It was only ever yours to break anyway.” – Prince Maxon


  • Book: The One
  • Series: The Selection Series, Book 3
  • Author: Kiera Cass


“The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.”

It’s a bit better than the second one, >The Elite<  but still. Maybe it’s just not for me? Maybe I’ve grown old and tired of simply reading about a love triangle with no other plot line? But after reading only a few chapters, I was already thinking one thing, Finish. finish.


It’s not that it’s boring, it’s that it is? There isn’t much that goes on, we keep shifting back and forth between the exact same thing, love Maxon or don’t love Maxon. Tell him or not tell him about her feelings. You really can’t write a whole trilogy based on just that. It’s boring and frustrating especially when you know who she’s going to end up with anyway. I’m just soo annoyed over the whole thing. I can’t even recommend it as a light read because it’s just plain. No humor, no proper love scenes, no action. It’s just, just. 


To sum it all up. In the first 30 chapters, nothing much happens at all. Just the basic love drama and photo ops like in the last two books. But then suddenly, in the last 5 chapters everything happens! Like, am I supposed to suddenly believe that Aspen and Lucy are madly in ‘love’ and devoted to one another? Since when? The only signs we got hinted that they were ‘barely’ friends and starting to know each other but then in the end they are in love? If anything it should’ve been started to like each other and you can see the bundles of love slowly but surly blossoming in the air but staring deeply into each others eyes with nothing but undying love and devotion is a huuuge jump from “Mer I can’t give up on you, I’ll always be there for you..bla bla” Ugh, utter and complete bullshit!

Secondly, I was very shocked with Celeste’s death. Honestly, it was one I never expected to happen. And the way it happened was also surprising enough as well. I had to reread that part at least 3 times to fully understand what it meant. Don’t worry I won’t spoil that for you, you’ll just have to read it yourself!

One good thing that happens is something America does in the book. She was constantly being challenged by the awful King and in one notable moment she stood up and defended her beliefs in front of the entire nation. I won’t give away the exact thing that happens but all I’ll say is it was very brave of her to stand up against justice, and the way she handled the situation was befitting for a queen. For those of you who are curious, i’ll only say it’s in page…

I also feel that there are A LOT of things that were left untouched. Such as the southern rebels being suddenly subdued? Northern rebels being in the palace during the attack? How and why? Her fathers double life and secrets? Why it was suddenly revealed to us if there wasn’t going to be a follow up? Who did and who didn’t survive the attack? Why it was suddenly assumed that there were no more rebels? And those were just from the top of my mind. I personally feel that all those plot lines could’ve been fleshed out more to make everything so much neater and cleaner. Honestly, instead of spending all that time in discussing America’s ever changing feelings, we could’ve had so much side action to keep us going.

Anyway, apart from that mess, the ending was great, although very much expected but still surprisingly fun. Honestly the only thing that was worth reading was the last 5 to 6 chapters. Starting with Prince Maxon’s adorable love letters all the way to they’re I do’s. So obviously a snippet of those romantic letters had to be included, enjoy!

“America, my love, you are sunlight falling through trees. You are laughter that breaks through sadness. You are the breeze on a too-war day. You are clarity in the midst of confusion.

You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good. Without you, my life would still exist, but that’s all it would manage to do.

You said that to get things right one of us would have to take a leap of faith. I think I’ve discovered the canyon that must be leaped, and I hope to find you waiting for me on the other side.

I love you, America.

Yours forever,

Anyway my review for the series as a whole is a B+. It would’ve been a solid A if it wasn’t split into three useless parts. I’m confidant that if the book was made into one novel it would’ve been exciting, thrilling, romantic, lovely and light-hearted. Since, the 2 parts out of the three were sadly very useless anyway.

I have to admit though, this book was filled with lovely romantic quotes that just made my heart beat faster. All in all, I would not recommend this series to anyone to read. It will falsely raise their hopes after the first one only to have it slowly crushed with the second two. Unfortunately, I already bought the entire 6 book series so you have the other three book reviews coming up. Hey, if i’m going to suffer then so are YOU! 

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Final Rating:


Maybe only read the last five chapters…


What did you think of this book, have you read anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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