Top Book Characters & Couples

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Since I’m updating my About page, I decided to share with you my favorite Literary characters! If you like or enjoy the following things, consider yourself my new BFF.

Female Characters:


Male Characters:


Ships A’Sailing:


From left to right: Rhysand+Feyre, Eadlyn+Eric, Harry+Hermione, Percy+Annabeth, Damon+Elena, Katniss+Finnick, Darcy+Elizabeth, Will+Tessa, Jace+Clary, Jem+Tessa, Peter+Wendy, Sherlock+Irene

Favorite Books:



Did I forget anyone? A book series? A couple? Let me know so I can update this list.



15 thoughts on “Top Book Characters & Couples”

  1. Well…Harry Potter obviously. I love that the artist was able to make Harry and Hermione look so good together. I’m not really a TID fan or Cassandra Clare fan generally. I don’t really care for Tessa, Will and Jem. I don’t like Vampire Diaries. The Hunger Games is okay, I guess but Finnick looks wrong with Katniss. I haven’t read My Lady Jane but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. I haven’t read The Selection series but I hope it’s good. Daughter of the Pirate King looks really interesting too. I didn’t want to write a long comment. Lol

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    1. Lol thats ok! I love long comments! It gives us something to talk about! Anyway, the vampire diaries was great the first few books, after that everything kind of derailed. I’m not a fan of most of the male characters in the hunger games world which is why, if i had to pick someone then I prefer Finnick. If you’re a fan of historical fiction then read My Lady Jane. For the selection series, go with the last two, which is what I featured here. The others are kind of boring. You won’t miss much cause it’s a different story anyway. DOTPK was really good. I loved how refreshing it was and adventurous. So now I know what you don’t like. Tell me then what DO you like? :p

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      1. I’ve never read or watched The Vampire Diaries but the whole “brothers fighting over a girl” thing just put me off. I can understand liking Finnick, his love for Annie was beautiful. Peeta was just boring. Thanks for the recommendations. I like Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Throne of Glass and ACOTAR (although I prefer TOG to ACOTAR) I liked the Fever Series till the 3rd or 4th book when it just became annoying. I liked Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. Also, I like all Rick Riordan’s books except the Apollo books and Magnus books. That’s a lot though😁😁

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        1. Yes, Finnick was one of the good ones. Poor thing! I’ve never read the lord of the rings..I heard it was pretty descriptive and boring?🤔 ACOTAR I’m pretty crazy about. TOG I’m in the process of reading, I’m sure ull find my crazy reviews in this blog soon! 💗 I have never heard of the fever series, rebel of the sands or any of Riordan’ books. Wow I clearly need to research a lot of things!

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          1. Lol. Finnick was one of those guys who is good at heart. Yeah, I guess the Lord of the Rings can be pretty descriptive but I like it like that. The plot, writing style and everything is beautiful. I’m sure you would love TOG!! Sarah J Maas is a really good writer. The Fever Series aren’t that popular. Rebel of the Sands is quite popular but I almost can’t believe that you haven’t heard of Rick Riordan. He has written over 20 books on Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology. He’s a very very well known author. Maybe you’re just not into mythology?

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            1. I’m sooooo excited for TOG!! I know she’s only debuting Catwoman. I’m not sure how I feel about that book, but it’s SJ Mass, so I’m gonna give her a chance. I’m a huuuuuuge fan of mythology! I took 3 courses in college about Greek and Roman mythology! One sec.. lemme search him..I’m back..he wrote Percy Jackson! I completely forgot his name! 😂 yea.. he’s ok!

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              1. You should be!! I’m waiting impatiently for the next book. I think it would be the last!!! Yeah, I hope she writes Catwoman well and I hope I like it. Lol. I wondered how you wouldn’t know him😂😂😂

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