Krappy Kindle

Why am I so unlucky with kindles? Every. Single. Kindle. I’ve owned was crap. As a bookworm, this is a Real Problem people!! I should be able to read my precious ebooks whenever I want in the most perfect, comfortable and brilliant piece of device technology has to offer. Yet..

That is not the case.

A little backstory: After my epic fail with my first one, Kindle Keyboard, which is obviously outdated, black and white screen, slow, hard to use and no touch screen with limited internet access. I threw it away and moved on to an iPad. Yup, I ditched Amazon for Apple..BURN!

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I was pretty happy about my iPad 4. It was sleek, fast, colorful and easy to use. Unlike, ehm the other one. *stink eye -look above- So you may be wondering, why get the Kindle  Fire 7 then?

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Because I DIDN’T! Well…technically speaking, I did. bUT not on PurpoSe!! OkaY! Excuse my weird typing my fingers were angry. -__- Ok, you might remember a little while ago I posted about my Black Friday Book Bonanza. Where I talked about the craziness of that day. Well, while I was in Best Buy, I saw a large number of people crowding over a stack of orange looking cases. Upon further inspection, my head thought. “Oh WOW! $50 FOR AN IPAD!! SCOOORREE!! GET ONE GIRL! GET ONE NOW!!”

So imagine my surprise when I went back home excited and proud of myself for spotting things quickly. And actually looked at my purchase.

That moment, I knew I effed up.

So now I was stuck with a kindle I didn’t ask for. yay me. Ever since then, as a punishment for my reckless behavior. I’ve been forcing myself to use it. Which is why we are here today. *sigh Let me *sigh review this Kindle Fire 7 *sigh thing. *sigh

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I hate it. Absolutely hate it. This has to be one of the worst tablets out there. Heck, I’m not even sure if tablet is the right way to describe this.


  • Slow
  • Lags
  • Weak Battery Life
  • Weird System/Software
  • Books don’t show up
  • Not Compatible with 99% of other things
  • An Ad
  • Not user friendly
  • Hard to customize

How does a kindle, whose main job in life, is to be used for books. FAIL to SHOW said books! I spend 20 minutes just jumping around in my kindle looking for the ebook I just downloaded.  wha?

Not to mention, I plug in this device to charge all night. Only to use it for a few hours and discover its gone down to 30%, why? You’re sucking up all this electricity and then YoU tell mE you die a quick death?! Wha..?

Ugh! Don’t even get me started on the ads. People, I didn’t buy a kindle. I bought an ad. That’s what happened y’all. No wonder nothing works, its an ad! Duh! How stupid of me. The lock screen is an ad of Amazon’s products that I can never remove. Why? It’s MY kindle. Shouldn’t I put whatever the hell I want to put in it. And the homescreen is an ad. Swipe up and down. Left and right. All the pages ARE ads. I spent hours trying to fix this but all I got was less ads. Every page has ads. There are ads here, ads there, ads EVERYWHERE! Apparently,  I should host a giveway and the winner gets one of them ADS!

This sucks. I don’t have the energy anymore to finish this post. I’m out.




What did you think of this post, do you own a similar product? Or do you think I should try something else? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^


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23 thoughts on “Krappy Kindle”

  1. Well, that’s what you get for 50$ xD I have a kindle, but it’s a Paperwhite, and it’s the single best device I’ve owned in my life. I would never buy a Kindle tablet though! I agree, that probably is a huge waste of money. The strength of the Kindle is the e-ink and not anything else.

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    1. e-ink….? What is that? My kindle has no strengths, since last week it’s been stuck not showing me any of the books… I don’t know whats gotten into it! And…I honestly thought it was an iPad on sale….so…..


  2. Aww that stinks! 😭 The only Kindle I ever bought was the Paperwhite and I love it to pieces. I’ve had it for three years, it can hold around 75 books before getting a bit laggy, and the battery life lasts almost two weeks. Not to mention he no glare works wonders in the sun!

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      1. Well, I have a lot of additional *cough* too many 😅 books stored in the cloud, and it only takes about 15 seconds to download them to my kindle when it’s connected to WiFi. I used to have over a 100 books downloaded at a time, but the kindle would become a bit laggy at times.

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        1. Phew…for a second there I thought u permanently deleted them!!! I love everything u said about ur kindle except for the memory thing. But, I will be keeping it in mind should I ever decide to upgrade from this sad one LOL!

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  3. I’m sorry your experience with the Kindle was terrible! I bought the basic model Kindle and had it for 4 years with no problems. It ran well, did the reading thing with no problem; perfect way to organize my digital library…it was just a pretty little dream (mine was touch screen though). I just now upgraded this year to the Oasis (splurge late Christmas gift for myself) — and it works wonders. I love my Kindle so much; it’s never let me down yet.

    But to be fair: the Kindle Fire I bought on sale for 30$ 2 years ago was/is super laggy. I gave it to my mom for her to use; she likes it for her magazines.

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  4. I was thinking about getting a Kindle fire.. maybe not so much now, haha. I read primarily on my phone (I have one of those obnoxiously giant phones that has almost the same screen size as the original kindle, lol), but I wanted to sort of spruce of my reading now that I am reading a lot more again. Perhaps the Kindle Fire is not the way to go, lol


  5. So, I’ve never owned a Kindle before. But we bought one for my bf’s mum recently and I’ve been considering getting one… Now, maybe not?|

    At the moment I have an old old Kobo that I bought secondhand. And, despite it being a little slow at times, I really like it. I use Calibre so I can get all my ebooks onto the device. And the Kobo store isn’t intrusive at all. My main reason for an upgrade is I want something that I can get my Overdrive and Scribd apps on. For now I just use my phone and iPad (also old and secondhand because $$)

    Maybe I’ll look at getting a new Kobo instead?

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    1. Yea..don’t bother with a kindle. I’ve had two and they both sucked. You will literally be getting an ad. The only thing its good at is raising my blood pressure. Maybe use an iPad or stick to Kobo since its working for you well.

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      1. I think I get what you mean about the ads because I definitely get a TONNE of emails and recs from just using the Kindle app on my iPad/phone.

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