The Mermaid’s Journey | Kellie McAllen

After escaping the curse that bound all mermaids to the sea and meeting four, sexy potential human mates, Coral longs to explore their world and live as a human. The Mermaid’s Journey will launch on June 1st 2018! Be sure to check it out!

The Mermaid’s Journey
Series: The Siren #2
Author: Kellie McAllen
Pages: 255
Format: eBook
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A runaway mermaid, four sexy, potential mates vying to claim her, and a destiny divided between two worlds. 

After escaping the curse that bound all mermaids to the sea and meeting four, sexy potential human mates, Coral longs to explore their world and live as a human.

But even though the guys have agreed to share her affections, it’s not easy to keep four very different men happy, and Coral is frightened and overwhelmed by the complexities of life on land and struggling to find her way in a whole new world.

When Coral’s secret is discovered, she’s torn from the men she loves and thrown into captivity. But when an unexpected rescuer reveals an intriguing world she never knew existed, she’ll once again have to choose between the land and the sea.

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And this reverse harem just keeps getting better y’all! If you don’t know what that means. A reverse harem is when you get one girl and several very eligible bachelors to pick from. The difference between the usual love triangle trope is that she doesn’t have to pick one and stick with him. The girl’s free to pick whoever & how many she wants whenever she wants! No drama.

This is kind of like manga or anime. Which you know I review regularly in this >blog.< The Mermaid’s Journey simply bridged the gap between my love for them and novels.

Now let’s review the book.

Honestly, I’m impressed. Usually the second book in any installment is the worst in my opinion. Since a lot of the times you can tell that the authors are struggling. However, with Kellie, that was not the case. The Mermaid’s Journey picked up at the hospital where The Mermaid’s Escape left us worried at!

Image result for mermaidIn this book, Coral the mermaid is discovering what it’s like to live in the human world. The boys are very patient and kind with her throughout her learning experience. I love how very authentic her struggles are. I’m soo glad that she didn’t just wake up one day and magically knew how to do everything. No, she struggled. And not because she is stupid, because Coral is anything but. She picks up on things easily and is really working hard to live normally. Things are just not that easy to learn.

I also love the chemistry she has with the boys. In this one, we get to learn more about them and kind of start to get a better idea of them. In my opinion, Avery is the best option so far. Followed by James and Liam who are tied. And finally, Gio. It’s not his fault though, we just didn’t see much of him in this book as much as the others. Also, Liam is starting to scare me. And James is….well…loaded ❤️😍❤️

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book greatly! I couldn’t even wait to read it. Even though I knew there was a cliff hanger waiting!! I’m looking forward to see how this plot grows.

Also, loaded.
Ok, I’m done now.

Until Next time,

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*ARC Provided by the author. An honest voluntary review was provided. All images link back to source to the best of my knowledge.


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What did you think of this book, have you read anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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