ARCs | 2K19 Challenge

One of my amazing accomplishments this past year that is book related is finishing this challenge. Honestly, there’s no better way to read through a list of arc’s than doing this challenge.

What Is It?


Basically, if you have a growing list of books that you requested on Netgalley or Edelweiss that you haven’t gotten around to reading yet. If you are trying so desperately to reach that desired 80%. Or if you are trying to earn those badges to add to your collection. This is the challenge for you.
Don’t be fooled, there isn’t any cash prize for this. However, you will get the satisfaction of going down that list as the days go by! And if you ever feel lonely, then you can always hop around the linky and see what we are all up to.


End of 2018 ChallengesBeat The Backlist | A to Z

The Guidelines:

The challenge runs from January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. There is no deadline to signup.
Everyone is welcome to participate – you do not need to have a blog. Any form of social platform will do.
Any genre, release date, length, etc. counts. It just needs to be a book from NetGalley or Edelweiss.
Books can count for more than one challenge that you are participating in. Which is what I’ll be doing :p
If you want to move up or down a level – go for it! This one is great since you don’t know how the year is going to go. 7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6

The Levels You Can Achieve

Hosted by the sweet Reading Between The Pages, this challenge has a set of levels that you can aspire to reach. Since this year I got to Silver, I’m aiming for Gold. I’m not exactly planning to accept alot of ARCs this year. But a book here and there would be good. From her blog, she says:

The Levels…

  • Bronze – 10 Books
  • Silver – 25 Books
  • Gold – 50 Books
  • Platinum – 75 Books
  • Diamond – 100 Books


Let The Fun Begin: Tally: 0/0



“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”


What did you think of this post? Do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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