Bad Blogging Ideas | Best/Worst Book Lists…

This year, I’ve decided that I am abstaining from posting a best books of the year list. Or any type of round up for that matter. Perhaps you would agree as well..

To give you an idea, here is what I’m talking about:

  • Best Reads
  • Worst Reads
  • Best Covers
  • Worst Covers

To clarify, this is my personal view on the matter. I’m also going to post a Good Idea version of this as a counter argument. Without further ado, here is a fresh take on Why Posting Best/Worst Books Of The Year List is a Bad Idea:

  • Time Consuming
    • It takes a lot of time to go through all the books you’ve read from the past year and rating them down to a master list. Did you really need to?
  • Who Reads It
    • Let’s be real, every blogger out there is wrapping up their work at the same time. With the same goal. So your post will most likely get lost in the endless sea of best/worst lists. Try to look for something more to make it stand out.
  • My Opinion, Not Yours
    • A lot of people don’t understand that when bloggers make these lists, they are a reflection of their personal opinions. Not actual recommendations.  I might’ve liked something, but another blogger might’ve hated it.

It’s Annoying

It’s Annoying

  • Powerful
    • Bloggers hold a strong influence over what book gets read or ignored. This directly affects the author who spent time, money and effort into creating this work. Making it unfair to the authors.
  • Quick Judgement
    • Everyone has fallen victim to this one way or another. You see a certain book you were excited to read. Upon not finding it on any top ten best book lists, you ditch it.
  • Robbed Of Enjoying It
    • People have different tastes and preferences. From personal experience, I judged a book by it’s presence in a Worst Books Of The Year list. But then got it as a gift and ended up enjoying it! Wouldn’t you be annoyed for missing out on that kind of experience?

There you have it folks. I’m sure there are countless other reasons why this isn’t the best idea out there. But who knows?

Which side of the spectrum do you stand in?

Until Next Time,


7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6 “Don’t judge a book by it’s.. erm list….side..wat?”


What did you think of this Bad Idea post, do you agree? Or maybe you think this isn’t what it’s about? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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