Blogger Basics: 5 Easy Ways To Becoming A Blogger

Number 1

What’s Your Niche First, you need to decide if you want your blog to be a part of a larger group or something more unique? An example would be, having the focus of your blog be something more general and broader such as Movies. OR creating your blog for something more defined like Knitting. There are obviously several pros and cons to each one.

Don’t worry, I took the time to list them down for you. Just remember, whatever you choose influences the direction you will take. However, nothing is set in stone. If you aren’t satisfied, you can always switch.

Related image
General Niche ProGeneral Niche Con
Mainstream PostsNothing unique to get visitors to comeback
Searched by EveryonePost lost between similar ones
Endless Ideas & InspirationRepetitive posts
Specific Niche ProSpecific Niche Con
Targeting a specific audience makes it more genuineLimit yourself to only one thing
Original ContentAlienate Most Visitors
More Genuine FollowersLimited Followers & Views

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