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January Jam Jar

Let fate decide what you read next! Since obviously… you can’t XD

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Goodreads Challenge 2k19

Would you believe that I read over 130 books last year. I’m feeling really good about myself this year! I’m not really sure about how many books I’m pledging but I know that it needs to be more than my #2k18

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Beat The Backlist | 2K19 Challenge

You know that I need this. You know.

Ever since the awesome success of my 2k18 challenges, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate my ever growing TBR into a challenge. That isn’t to say that I didn’t do a marvelous job on my own… cause I did. No, really, I did. Last year, I read a whopping 66/97 books in my TBR. That’s around 70% of my list!

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Whoa! Three Year TBR List + Tag

If you read my old post, How To Get Rid Of Your Reading Slump, then you would know that I’ve had a reading slump for two whole years! Since then I’ve successfully overcome that hurdle and set out to obliterate all the books I didn’t read during that time. didn’t go so well… Continue reading Whoa! Three Year TBR List + Tag

Comic Book & Manga | 2K18 Challenges

This is something perfect for my site. Since I like to constantly explore new genres and try new things. The world of manga was something new for me, and I’ve been kind of eyeing the comic book universe. Continue reading Comic Book & Manga | 2K18 Challenges