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Anything Goes February Link Up

Want to win a gift card?

Want to finish those mangas and comic books that you have piling up? Want to find a place to share your reviews on anime and discuss them with equally minded people?

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Blogger Problems: Why I Stopped

You might have noticed that I’ve gone quiet the past few months.. not just here, but also on most if not all of my socials. It was unplanned. A decision I was never conscious of making but one I soon realized that I needed.

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3 Quotes, 3 Days Tag | Day Two

I know that its been forever since you tagged me! But I kept forgetting! However, today is the day that I finally got around to doing it! Feel free to leave your favorite quotes in the comments below. I’ll try to guess them!

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Kyle Knock | Lost Alice

For those of you who don’t know, Shall We Date?  is a dating sim game by NTT Solmare where you play through reading different worlds as the main protagonist. Whilst making decisions which influence your ending. For this post I will be reviewing the storyline of His Cuddleness: Kyle Knock from the world of Lost Alice. Continue reading Kyle Knock | Lost Alice