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Comic Book & Manga | 2K18 Challenges

This is something perfect for my site. Since I like to constantly explore new genres and try new things. The world of manga was something new for me, and I’ve been kind of eyeing the comic book universe. Continue reading Comic Book & Manga | 2K18 Challenges

Goodreads Challenge 2k18

Ok, so after the brilliant success of my 2k17 Challenge<. I’m feeling really good about myself this year! I’m not really sure about how many books I’m pledging but I know that it needs to be more than my #2k17

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A Series A Month | 2K18 CHALLENGES

Do you find yourself left out of conversations when other people talk about a series they loved that you haven’t read? Have you been thinking about reading a series for a long time and just never gotten around to it?

Because I have. Many times…

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Goodreads 2k17 | DONE! & Advice

Ok! So this post is mostly me bragging about how awesome I am. BUT….if you want to earn those bragging rights, then I suggest you read this because I’m going to tell you how to become QUEEN and do that! Continue reading Goodreads 2k17 | DONE! & Advice