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Beat The Backlist | 2K19 Challenge

You know that I need this. You know.

Ever since the awesome success of my 2k18 challenges, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate my ever growing TBR into a challenge. That isn’t to say that I didn’t do a marvelous job on my own… cause I did. No, really, I did. Last year, I read a whopping 66/97 books in my TBR. That’s around 70% of my list!

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Blogger Problems: Why I Stopped

You might have noticed that I’ve gone quiet the past few months.. not just here, but also on most if not all of my socials. It was unplanned. A decision I was never conscious of making but one I soon realized that I needed.

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Krappy Kindle

Why am I so unlucky with kindles? Every. Single. Kindle. I’ve owned was crap. As a bookworm, this is a Real Problem people!! I should be able to read my precious ebooks whenever I want in the most perfect, comfortable and brilliant piece of device technology has to offer. Yet..

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My Name In TBR Books Tag

Ok, so I was tagged by Taiwo over at Stuffed Shelves months ago to do this. But I’ve been soo focused on TBR’s and ARC’s that it totally slipped my mind. Not to worry though, today is the day I finally get to doing it. Continue reading My Name In TBR Books Tag

His Royal Whiskers | Sam Gayton

Something bad has happened to Prince Alexander, the only heir to the mighty Petrossian Empire.Something worse than kidnapping.Something worse than murder. Thank you Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing for providing me with this beautiful masterpiece. This ARC is coming out on 14 November 2017. Continue reading His Royal Whiskers | Sam Gayton

Manga Monday | Official Launch

Official Graphic

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.12.49 AM

What Is It?

Manga Monday is a feature/weekly meme created here at Bookish Owlette in October 2017. After extensive research, I found that there was no book blog meme or current trend featuring manga. So, for all you manga lovers out there, this place was created just for you. I’m keeping it simple and fun! And NO you do not need to have a blog to participate, just link to wherever you posted, or comment your thoughts! So, lets get to it! Continue reading Manga Monday | Official Launch