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The Upside of Falling Down | Rebekah Crane

They tell her she’s the lone survivor of a plane crash. They tell her she’s lucky to be alive. But she doesn’t feel lucky. She feels…lost. The Upside of Falling Down is an ARC which is expected to be published on January 30, 2018. Thank you Skyscape and Two Lions for providing me with this new read! Continue reading The Upside of Falling Down | Rebekah Crane

Us | David Nicholls

“Light travels differently in a room that contains another person; it reflects and refracts so that even when she was silent or sleeping I knew that she was there.” 


  • Book: Us
  • Series: –
  • Author: David Nicholls


Douglas Petersen may be mild-mannered, but behind his reserve lies a sense of humor that, against all odds, seduces beautiful Connie into a second date and eventually into marriage. Now, almost three decades after their relationship first blossomed in London, they live more or less happily in the suburbs with their moody seventeen-year-old son, Albie; then Connie tells him she thinks she wants a divorce. Continue reading Us | David Nicholls