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Goodreads Reading Challenge 2017

Hey Bookworms!!

Hows your reading going so far?

Are you close to your reading goal yet? Or did you flake out? All is good. Don’t worry, there’s no Judging.

As for me, well I entered this game pretty late. I only started the Goodreads challenge around July. I’m pretty bummed at myself for being sooo damn behind. However, I am determined to accomplish this as my new years resolution for this year. If you’ve been following my blog, then you would’ve known that I had a >TWO Year Reading Slump < that I only managed to shake off very recently, so doing this is really important me.

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August 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome September! And Goodbye August! Hello red leaves, the cool breeze and flying scarfs. Hello Fall!

Reading in this past month of August has been very lucrative for me. I managed to finish a whooping number of books. Well, at least what qualifies as “whooping” for me which is eight books this August! Without even planning to. Since I’m currently on vacation and my siblings are busy living in their own world, I’ve had a lot of free time in my hands. Continue reading August 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

Amy Snow | Tracy Rees


  • Book: Amy Snow
  • Series: –
  • Author: Tracy Rees

Amy Snow was an absolute delight to read. FYI, here I’m referring to the name of the book not the character ^^.

Set in 1831 Victorian England, this novel follows Amy Snow, an orphan, whose late, and beloved best friend, Aurelia Vennaway, bequeaths her a treasure hunt that leads her all over England and finally to the one secret Aurelia never shared.

The main character is of course, Amy Snow. Who was given that last name because she is a bastard abandoned by her parents as an infant. The person who happened to find her was Aurelia at the young age of eight. Aurelia, being the only daughter to the aristocratic family, completely upset her parents by bringing in this infant as it ruins their family name. However, she fought her way into keeping Amy and became a sister to her. Thus, as Amy was growing up, she was hated by the household and was immediately cast away after Aurelia’s death.


Before I go on with my review, I would like to state first that I got this novel through a bookbox subscription. Find my Unboxing here. 

Now on with my book review. SPOILERS AHEAD. 

Historical books are usually on point with me. Therefore, I’m not very surprised at the fact that I enjoyed this thoroughly. It was a stroke of luck that Amy Snow was the surprise book in this subscription box. Tracy Rees, the author, handles the world of Amy Snow very well. The writing is so smooth and very detail-oriented (but not to the point of boredom).

We are taken through a wonderful journey of patience, understanding and steady growth.  Amy starts out as being self-loathing and with the strong sense of not deserving anything because of her lowly status. She describes herself as being miserable by saying, “…my frown became my habitual expression.” Her only beacon of hope is her sister by heart, Aurelia. However, after her death, Amy is forced to live on the streets with only ten gold coins to her name. goodreads-reading-challenge-2017-dear-amy-helen-callaghan.jpgAs well as, the looming realization that she can no longer be happy due to her losing the only family she ever truly had. Unbeknownst to her, Aurelia prepared an elaborate scheme to strengthen and evolve Amy to the woman she always believed her to be, in the form of a treasure hunt.

Through this treasure hunt, we see Amy gradually change and become more open to the different challenges and  fortunes in life. She starts to understand that the cruelty that her ‘caretakers’ put her through is not how life really is. From her trips that span all of Victorian England, she starts to see the family, friends, love and care she always longed for, was there waiting for her.

The story in a way is very self aware. In the sense that, through Amy, different situations that ‘us’ the reader would think is ridiculous is also questioned by her. Tracy repeatedly ponders through Amy the very thoughts that go through our mind. Additionally, through Amy, she shows us that even though the situation is unsuitable (constantly traveling to look for a clue that might not even be there), Amy still pushes on. This displays the strength of her character, resolve and most importantly the deep love and loyalty Amy has for her friend Aurelia.

In conclusion, we learn the value of friendship through Amy and Aurelia. As well as,  the importance of a simple kind word that can be a treasure to the person receiving it.


Final Rating:


For all you treasure hunters and puzzle solvers, this one is for you!


What did you think of this book, have you read anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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