The Hidden Power of F*cking Up | Try Guys

Throughout, Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach open the doors to the past, showing their fans how four nerdy, timid, self-conscious boys grew up into four super-hot-mega-babes secure in their insecurities.

“You get one life, one body, one go at this whole thing. Make yourself your own responsibility and let’s get living.” 

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The Hidden Power of F*cking Up
Series: Standalone
Author: The Try Guys
Format: Audiobook, 8hrs 55min
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Best friends and social media stars Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach are admired for their curiosity, humor, bravado, and fearlessness. But that self-confidence came from their willingness to take big risks—being open to try something new or unusual, even if they failed spectacularly in the attempt. To be our best selves, we have to challenge ourselves. In dedicating ourselves to embracing fear, foolishness, and embarrassment, we can learn to recognize the ways in which we often hold ourselves back.

In The Try Guide they swap some of their best stories and offer encouragement and hard advice to help you become a Try Guy too. Whether they’re experiencing what it’s like to be in labor with a pain simulation machine, marching on the streets of Los Angeles in heels, learning to dance ballet (with a professional dancer and some talented tots), replicating the ancient Olympics, or trying to bake bread without a recipe—their hilarious escapades are embolded by their “throw caution to the wind” attitudes, encouraging readers to become their best flawed and f***ked up selves.

Throughout, Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach open the doors to the past, showing their fans how four nerdy, timid, self-conscious boys grew up into four super-hot-mega-babes secure in their insecurities. They offer key advice on what to do when faced with impending failure—and how to push through to the other side—provide anecdotes about their experiences curating their sure-fail philosophy and introduce each of their new challenges to the reader for the first time (Ned’s impossible challenges as a first-time father and Keith’s goal of curbing his fried chicken habit by going vegan).


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From the first chapter of this book, I knew.. I just knew… it wasn’t going to be great. The way the guys were setting up the plot, the topics they chose and the stories they wanted to share. All of this made it clear to me that I was not going to enjoy this at all.

Let me first explain to you all, I’m a huge fan of The Try Guys. I’ve watched them since they were on Buzzfeed and loyally supported them when they became their own independent company. I even attempted to get the signed version of this book while already having preordered the audiobook. Yea.. I wanted two copies of the same book! A book that I didn’t even read yet. That’s how much I love them.  I mean just look at them..

No really.. look at them..

Ok.. One More..

Now I’m done. Ehm… back to what I was saying.  To save your time, I’m going to attempt to give you four reasons why you should and shouldn’t read this.


  1. No New Information, as someone who has watched 99.9% of their videos on youtube, this book added no value to me whatsoever. The ratio of new:old content presented in my opinion is 1:10 Which doesn’t make sense, their target audience are their subscribers but it felt like they were speaking to people who weren’t.
  2. Confusing, I’m not sure of how it is for people who read it. But from the standpoint of an audiobook listener, it was very hard to keep up with what was being said due to the constant switch in narrators. It was hard to tell when a new chapter begins and another ends.
  3. Boring Writing, Maybe they should’ve hired a ghost writer? Or better editors..? The content felt very forced and bland. Like they were all forced to write this book. The only person who I feel actually tried is as usual, Eugene. Maybe Ned comes in second after him.
  4. Pointless, what did I learn from this? Seriously.. they were explaining the concept of “Trying” like they didn’t spend the last 4 or so years telling it to us. This really is not a self help book.


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  1. Narration, Yes I know that I complained about this in the previous point but here I mean something else. With Youtubers, since they are performers, usually the best way to consume their written content is through audio. They perform it to you making it a lot more interesting than it actually is. I’m sure if I read this book… It would’ve been a DNF.
  2. ….Nothing…I tried.. (^-*)/

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To conclude, I sadly do not recommend you read this book. You have a better chance at enjoying it if this is the first way you are exposed to them. That way the content would be new and interesting to you.

To long time fans… sorry but don’t bother.. you’re not missing a single thing.

And in true Try Guys fashion… I’ll be ranking them in order of least successful to most successful try.

Least Successful Try To Write A Book     To    Best Successful Try To Write A Book 

4. Keith, had the shortest book content, was screaming most of the time and complaining about not wanting to write this book. Least useful content.

3. Zach, basically discussed the same thing over and over again but in different words.

2. Ned, wrote a lot.. so A for Effort! Lively Narration and brought in Arial! Just screamed a little too much.

1.Eugene, brought the most personality and depth into the whole book. His content felt raw and real.. which is honestly what I was expecting from all of them.


Until Next Time!



Final Rating:



What did you think of this book, have you read anything similar to it? Or do you have any recommendations for me to try? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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