Manga Monday #20 | Boy Of Chocolate

For all you Manga Lovers out there. I present to you this weeks Manga Review, Un Chocoholic OR in english Boy Of Chocolate. This is a huuge hit in the maga world. So why not dip your toe in the world of chocolates..


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Title: Un Chocoholic
English: Boy Of Chocolate
Volume: 1
Chapter: 1
Pages: 33
Status: Completed
Genre: Shōjo
Author: Yagami Rina
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I thought we weren’t living in the same world but then I had to play the perfect girlfriend for that popular boy?! No wait! Don’t be that kind with me!!!


Click away, there’s nothing to see here.


So I really didn’t want to make a review for this one.

Like really.

I kept delaying it…

But my OCD got the best of me…so

here we are.

What is this even? I don’t get it.

The only reason why I read this was because of the hype. It’s literally everywhere. But I don’t get why. There’s like legit nothing of value that happens in this one. I gave it one star for the amazing drawing, one star for plot. That’s it. I’m not gonna lie, I added another star for chocolates. I love chocolates. So Three stars.

I’m not gonna say more. It really just depends on you. *shrug

Told ya. You should’ve clicked away.

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 Final Rating




What did you think of this post, do you enjoy manga? Did you like this one? Or do you have recommendations? Lets chat, don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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7 thoughts on “Manga Monday #20 | Boy Of Chocolate”

  1. Oh. My. Manga.

    Manga is my favorite and you have a meme?? You can bet I’ll be here every Monday! I may even participate!

    Thanks for this review. It doesn’t sound like one I would like, though shojo is one of my favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

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