Manga Monday #24 | My Cute Poison Prince

For all you Manga Lovers out there. I present to you this weeks Manga Review, Himitsu – Kimi to Kemono na Yume wo Miru OR in english My Cute Poison Prince.At first glance, Izumida Riko looks like a neat girl, and she’s known as the “Credit Union’s Madonna”. However, she’s the impulsive beast girl who can even stop robbers.


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Himitsu – Kimi to Kemono na Yume wo Miru
English: My Cute Poison Prince
Volume: 1
Chapters: 5
Pages: 211
Genre: Shōjo
Author: Mio Ayukawa
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A girl is raising a beast in her hearth?!
A beast-like girl x diligent guy!
The aim of the game is to escape completely!
At first glance, Izumida Riko looks like a neat girl, and she’s known as the “Credit Union’s Madonna”. However, she’s the impulsive beast girl who can even stop robbers.

Aiming at Riko is a guy whom she met during her morning run. Is their meeting really by chance, or because of ‘duty’?!

Also included here are: Kimi no Kawaii Doku Ouji (Your Cute Poison Prince) / Musesouna Aporo (Inconstant Apollo) / Kimi to Kemono na Yume wo Miru (Watching the Beastly Dream with You) / Motto Ranbou ni Aishite mo, Ii yo (It’s Okay to be More Violent in Love) / Migite no Bonno Atashi no Kodou (Right Hand’s Lust, My Palpitation)

Short Review:

This is how the last week should’ve been. You need to see what I’m talking about here. Btw: mature content so not ok for everyone. I was getting tired from all the shojo and innocent manga, I needed a change of pace for a bit. And here we are..

This has been hilarious, diverse, crazy and at times empowering. The main theme of this collection is women looking for the right way to be loved and not settling for anything less. So girls, let me tell you, that’s exactly what they got!

It is so refreshing to see women in manga who are strong, independent and not afraid to speak their mind. Some of them show how emotionally vulnerable they are, and others choose to hide it. But you know what, both are ok!!

So yes, do read this. At the very least, it will make you crack up!!

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