The Liebster Award

Unbelievable! I’ve just been nominated for The Liebster Award!! I’ve been seeing this around the blogosphere without really knowing what it is. So Thank you Susie @ 40andholding  for nominating me and shedding some light into this topic. You don’t know how grateful I am for this. Especially since I very recently started my blog!

It feels really good to be appreciated and acknowledged. Which is why I opened up the nominations in my previous post, STS # 6. I needed to make sure that everyone got a fair chance before I picked the traditional Eleven Nominees.
7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6The rules:

  • Acknowledge, link back and thank the blog that nominated you
  • Display the award in your blog
  • List the rules in your blog
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Notify them of the nomination
  • Give them 11 questions to answer


My answers to Susie’s questions:

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced since starting your Blog?

To familiarize myself with the blogging community, trends and basically everything ‘blog’. A lot of the time, it felt like I was alone. I noticed that a lot of the bloggers just post and leave. They don’t really take the time to look at other people’s stuff or try to encourage other bloggers. They don’t comment or like or try to engage. Obviously, not all bloggers, but I’ve seen a lot of other people complaining as well.

If you were going to a desert island and could only take two things with you, what would you take?

An infinite Supply of Chocolates

An infinite Supply of Books.

Where do you find inspiration for your Blog content?

Mostly from Instagram.

Do you have Pets & if so, what are their names?

Nope. Not an animal person. Although, I did try to get a fox once.

Coffee or Tea?

Ooooh tough question. I love the smell of coffee but if I had to pick. I’ll go with tea.

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t have a favorite movie per se. It depends on the genre. I’m going to assume that you don’t mean animation or musicals. So, Law Abiding Citizen.

What is the last book you read?

His Royal Whiskers by Sam Gayton and it was Purrfect.

If someone offered you an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, where you would you choose to go?

I travel a lot on a regular basis. So I love this question!! I’d pick London. It has amazing history and architecture. Not to mention, sexy accents!

What goals do you have for your Blog for 2018?

I’m hoping to increase my blog traffic and followers. Mostly so I can engage more with the blogging community. You guys open me up to so many different topics and opinions. it just makes me grow as a person! ❤

Name your favorite Dessert or Sweet Treat.

Molten Chocolate Cake….ok..who am I fooling? Anything and everything chocolate!

How much time do you spend a day on Social Media activities related to your Blog (Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Too much time!! My eyes are hurting constantly!

7cbb6fdb5ca33bfa9462d8dc8747e3b6Some Random Facts About Me:

  • An introvert and an enigma.
  • I have a thing for bad boys, so I’m basically inviting trouble into my life.
  • When it comes to planning and organizing, I can be very OCD.
  • My dream job involves traveling regularly.
  • My bookshelf is named, World Library, since half of the books are from the different countries I’ve been to.
  • I’m dying to get JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare and Sara J Mass’s signed books, but I don’t know how!!
  • My eyes naturally change from brown to green depending on my mood.
  • Not a huge fan of kids.
  • Terrible, Awful Cook
  • Face Planted on a tree
  • Mistook a bug for a chocolate one too many times.


My Nominees:

  1. Geybie @ Geybie’s Book Blog
  2. Kathy @ BooksandMunches
  3. Nicole @ Nicole’s Novel Reads
  4. Loretta @ Laughing Listener
  5. Melinda @ West Metro Mommy Reads
  6. Joannechillhouse @ Jhohadl 
  7. L @ Do You Dog-Ear?
  8. Joy The Witch @ Mademoiselle O’ Lantern
  9. Aj @ Read All The Things!
  10. Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks
  11. Sim @Flipping Thru the Pages


Now, My Questions For You:

  1. Have you ever met an author or celebrity in real life? Who and what happened!?
  2. What inspires your blog content and design?
  3. Which Hogwarts House are you in?
  4. Would you do this, get $100,000 every week = marry the one person you hate, and loathe.
  5. What is the story behind your blog name?
  6. Time Machine and Magic Wand in hand, if you could be any person in the world, who would you be and why?
  7. What’s your dream job?
  8. What is the main obstacle you face in your blog?
  9. Most embarrassing moment.
  10. If you could be a supernatural being, what would you be?
  11. Which fictional character would you marry?

I’m looking forward to your answers!! For more info on this award, click here.

18 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


  2. Congrats on being nominated!
    I agree that it takes time to “get your head” into the blogging community 🙂 they are almost a hand’s reach away, but sometimes you can’t break into those circles. Sometimes you meet just ONE person and then a whole new group opens up!
    My hint? Try starting / finding follow trains on Twitter. That really expanded my community and gave me loads of bloggers to follow and hang out with 🙂 goes for new followers too!
    That’s the trick though, finding the ones who WILL engage and just be your friend. I’ve also noticed a lot of people who won’t even comment back. Like WTF, amirite? I used to be the maniac that visits EVERYONE (80-90 people!!) on the Sunday post. After a half a year? I’ve noticed only half of them come back. Now I’m not bothering visiting those people who never once left a comment on my blog. It’s just not polite, even. Not even talking about friendly or not? Eventually, I think I might post a discussion on it, cause really :p

    Anyway, thank you for tagging me! You are really sweet 🙂 I will probably not be doing it, cause I’ve been nominated three times already, and posted it 😀 so I can just answer your comments here 🙂

    1. I have met quite a few local (Lithuanian) superstars! I was in a choir and we performed at a TV concert (actually, a few. One of those charities, on national TV as well). So I’ve bumped into the biggest local stars. One funny happening was when I was reading Solaris and this famous singer asks me what I’m reading. And I show him, and he starts laughing because in about two meters from me stands another semi-famous singer whose stage name is Solaris 😀 and I didn’t even know that! So that was kind of funny 😀
    2. My design was done by a friend whom I am eternally grateful to, cause I’m super happy with my design. That’s the way I’ve always wanted my blog to be! Mostly just going for the newspaper/books look, plus tea, coffee, cocoa 🙂 you can totally see it, can’t you? 🙂
    3. Hufflepuff! And really, probably Huffle with a bit of Ravenclaw, cause I excelled at studying. But in terms of character, I’m an absolute huffling badger 😀
    4. Nope, I would never do that 🙂 not remotely worth it. Would you?
    5. There’s not much of a story, avalinah is my nick, made up from my name Evelina 😀 so it’s pretty simple 🙂
    6. I would be… THE DOCTOR 😀 why? I think that answers its own question.
    Well okay, maybe I’d be a time lady, but that’s just details. Details.
    7. I… don’t know 🙂 I think I might be doing at least something close to my dream job. It’s not any particular job that’s my dream job, rather than a way of doing it. Being productive, helping your clients and working in a stress or conflict free environment 🙂
    But of course, if I could book blog for money, that would be the dream job :DDD probably? 🙂
    8. Oh, lots of technical issues. I don’t really do website stuff, so I have to keep asking someone. Currently struggling with SEO. Then… There’s also the fact that I’m international. I am deeply hurt that someone with shitty blog stats and no comments gets free print books, and sometimes I’m declined even e-copies, although my blog gets 20+ comments on every post etc. It just makes me feel so bad. I’m sure you understand how it would 😦
    9. I mistook a famous TV person for my teacher 😀 don’t even ask… I guess this also adds to the first question xD I guess I have met quite a few celebs xD
    10. I would be a female Thor! (not from the movie. I used to have dreams that I could throw lighting bolts from my palms, that was ever so cool :D)
    11. I wouldn’t marry any fictional character, cause I have one of my own :DDD
    I hope you liked my answers! 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for the nomination!! I’ve never been nominated for anything blog-related and I’m so excited! It really is nice to be appreciated and acknowledged ❤️

    And I totally agree that familiarizing myself with the blogging community has been my biggest challenge too! I just started my blog as a fun way to get through my tbr list, but there’s a whole giant community I didn’t even know existed. It’s been so fun though! Everyone has been so nice and amazing!!

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